Alexander Negrelli

1968 — born in Mannheim

1991–1995 — Studies of visual communication at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique and ISLAP La Cambre, Brussels


As a freelance lecturer — Graphic Design, Akademie für Kommunikation, Mannheim Corporate Design, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg Web-Design, Dekra University of Applied Sciences, Berlin for Computer Structures Duale Hochschule BW, Mannheim Fixed Term Faculty (Lecturer) for Graphic Design and Corporate Design, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI, USA Adjunct Faculty for Computer Graphics and Web Design, James Madison University Harrisonburg, VA, USA


2019 — Sign On Canvas (en) in Total Armageddon: A Reader on Design    (Slanted Publishers, Karlsruhe)

2017 — Basic remarks on CGI    (Counter-Signals #2, Chicago) Shooting the Extras: National Corporate Design    (Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, NL)

2015 — Interdisciplinary Work Between Arts and Sciences, ISBN 978-3-89462-198-8 (University of the Arts, Berlin)

2013 — Sign On Canvas: The Signature as a Typographic Element in Art (Essay)    (Slanted Magazine #22)

2012 — What London's Logo Wants to Tell Us (Essay, German))    (Die ZEIT online, 8.8.2012) Kommando Otl Aicher: Über das Erscheinungsbild / On visual identity, JVE Publishing, ISBN 978-90-72076-55-7 Motorscream Landscapes: type in graphic literature (Essay)    (Slanted #17)

2011 — Rotis Reality: On Otl Aicher's Typeface Family (Essay)    (Slanted #13 ) The Revolution won‘t be set in Garamond (Essay)    (Slanted #11)

Lectures / Talks

2017 — "Calm down, modernity, your legs are ok.", Laura Mars Gallery, Berlin

2016 — Untotal Recall: On CGI and the Idea of Realism, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant

2015 — Negativity as a Marketing Tool, JVEA, Berlin, D

2014 — Truth according to CGI, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA, Pecha Kucha #38, Designtransfer    (University of the Arts, Berlin) On the Metapolygonal Condition: CGI vs. Reality, Jan van Eyck Association (JVEA), Berlin Design, Moral und Terroristen, HfG Karlsruhe

2013 — Render Farm Apocalypse: On Digital Production Design, ICI – Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin Visual Communication, Vorlesung, German University Cairo

2012 — Kommando Otl Aicher,, Münster and Pecha Kucha #29, Berlin On Appearance, Nemetschek Foundation, Munich Les Pictogrammes Et Leur Signification Visuelle En 1972, Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brüssel Terrorists And Logotype, Bolditalic, Gent

2011 — The Poster Art Of The Palestinian Liberation Mouvement In The 1960s, Jan van Eyck Academy (JVE), Maastricht Landfill, Pits And Rubble Mountains – lectures on heaps and holes, conference and exhibition organization, JVE

Scholarships / Awards

2017 — Inclusion of Kommando Otl Aicher in the Olympic World Library of the IOC

2013 — Founding member of the Jan van Eyck Association e.V., Berlin

2012 — UdK Prize for interdisciplinary art and science for Kommando Otl Aicher

2010–2012 — Research fellow in Design at the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht

2008 — Crystal window, artist exchange, Forum Europa, Poznań / Wrocław